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News for January 2013
PONTIACS Volunteer Their Time With B.M.H.A. - Initiation
Players from the Bonnyville PONTIACS took time to talk and interact with future PONTIACS at the 2013 B.M.H.A. Initiation Tournament. Thanks guys for your time.
Just to pass on a positive message to the PONTIACS. I had a little girl’s whose mom had written me a note expressing concern over her daughter skating with the PONTIACS...

PONTIACS Rock Celebrity Readers Night
PONTIACS players really rocked the 2013 Celebrity Readers Night at the library last night and everyone that attended enjoyed their full participation in celebrating Family Literacy in Bonnyville. The kids were...

2nd Annual Fort Kent Classic Game
The PONTIACS earned their fun by hosting their mid-week practice at the outdoor rink in Fort KENT. Upon completion of practice Team SANTOS beat Team KLEIN for the 2nd Annual...

PONTIACS Tribute Game A Huge Success
The Bonnyville PONTIACS Annual Tribute Game honoring our local R.C.M.P., Fire and Ambulance turned out to be a huge success. Over $11,000.00 was raised for the Bonnyville Health Foundation through the auction...

Dan WEDMAN Wins Richard WARWICK Memorial Scholarship
2013 Richard Warwick Memorial Scholarship Recipient is presented to defenseman Dan Wedman of the Bonnyville PONTIACS. Dan is from Edmonton, Alberta and is playing his first season in the Alberta Junior...

PONTIACS Coaching Hot Stove
On January 15th Coach MERCIER and Coach SWAN conducted a "hot stove" session with minor hockey coaches from the Bonnyville Minor Hockey Association. Topics included: The Importance of Skill Development on and...

PONTIACS Annual Parent/Billet Weekend - January 18th and 19th
This upcoming weekend the Bonnyville PONTIACS will be hosting their Annual Parent / Billet Weekend. Friday, January 18th a pre-game welcome gathering with the Parents and Billets will occur in the PONTIACS player's...

Bonnyville Minor Hockey Association and the Bonnyville PONTIACS
On January 15th the Bonnyville PONTIACS hosted a Skills Clinic for young goaltenders in the Bonnyville Minor Hockey Association. The session was facilitated by PONTIACS goaltenders Stephen KLEIN and Tyler...

KidSport Brings Pontiacs and Kids Together for Free Fun Skate
BRANDON MACLEOD - Nouvelle Staff.   There were smiles all around, as kids and parents of all ages stepped out on the ice of the R.J. Lalonde Arena Sunday for a chance...

PONTIACS TERCIER Motors Poster Night
The Bonnyville PONTIACS held their Annual TERCIER Motors Poster Night after their home game against the Whitecourt Wolverines last Saturday. It was a great opportunity to interact with the Bonnyville...

Pontiacs Annual Jersey Tribute Night
The Bonnyville PONTIACS Annual “Tribute Game” is fast approaching.   This year’s tribute will "Honor our Community Heroes." It will be a night to commemorate the brave men and women who support...

PONTIACS Skate With C-School
BRANDON MACLEOD - Nouvelle Staff.   C-School at the Centennial Centre gives students a chance to get out of the classic classroom setting and learn with "hands on experience" in a new,...

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