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News for January 2015
The PONTIACS were up to the test early this morning with C-School on and off the ice to have fun with young students taking part in the week long opportunity...

BMHA Coaching Session With the PONTIACS
Coach SWAN and Coach DRAPER led a coaching session with the PONTIACS for the Bonnyville Minor Hockey Association last week. The 15 minor hockey coaches had an opportunity to be involved...

PONTIACS at School
The PONTIACS stopped by school today to play floor hockey with Notre Dame's grade four students. The game concluded after a great story by the players about a Llama and a...

CNRL and the PONTIACS Take RESPECT to Notre Dame School
Cory SANTORO, Evan WARMINGTON, Troy TROMBLEY and Mitch FRITZ were at Notre Dame School today delivering the important CNRL message of respecting others along with providing valuable life lessons to encourage...

Oil and Gas Tribute Game a Success
A great crowd, a great game between the PONTIACS and the Okotoks OILERS and a great night raising funds for the Bonnyville Health Foundation. The game also coincided with our...

Oil and Gas Tribute Game Tonight versus the Okotoks Oilers
Here is a sneak peek of the 'one of a kind' tribute jerseys to be worn by the PONTIACS in tonight's match-up against the Okotoks OILERS. The Oil and Gas Industry...

C-School Smiles
The students of Notre Dame attended the PONTIACS practice yesterday as part of their C-School experience. C-School gives students in the Lakeland area an opportunity to work with the PONTIAC players...

RESPECT Lives Here! CNRL and the PONTIACS team up to stand up against bullying!
The Bonnyville PONTIACS were at H.E. BOURGOIN School talking to students from their four grade 6 classes about the important issues of Respect and understanding the effects of bullying in our...

PONTIACS Continue to Prove That the Biggest Assist Can Happen Off the Ice
Thank you Bonnyville PONTIACS for your continued dedication and commitment to the community of Bonnyville and the Lakeland area. Your volunteering this year has exceeded any other. The Bonnyville PONTIACS organization takes...

PONTIACS Pay Tribute to the Oil and Gas Industry
The Annual Bonnyville PONTIACS Tribute Game is fast approaching. On January 24th the Okotoks Oilers are in town to play the PONTIACS and the organization is proud to acknowledge and dedicate...

Ryan BLACK Commits to Northern Michigan University
Second year PONTIAC defenseman Ryan BLACK has committed to the Northern Michigan University WILDCATS for the 2016 season. Ryan BLACK, from Stillwater, Minnesota came to the PONTIACS last season from...

Max GOTTLIEB Commits to BROWN University
Max GOTTLIEB played 53 games for the PONTIACS last season accumulating 4 goals and 21 assists. Max moved on to the Bloomington THUNDER of the U.S.H.L. this season and committed...

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