As our 2013/14 season approaches we are still in need of Billet Families. We need two more caring families for players in order to sustain a full roster to start our regular season.


The Bonnyville PONTIACS ‘Billet Family’ Program plays a major role in our team’s success both on and off the ice. The Bonnyville PONTIACS are looking for families in the Bonnyville and Lakeland area who are interested in opening their doors to provide our players a “home away from home “during the season.


We take tremendous pride bringing in players to the PONTIACS who possess good character. Our players often become just like one of the family. They come into our Billet’s lives at an early, impressionable age and leave as young men with help from the guidance that is provided by the PONTIACS as well as our caring Billet families. The players arrive from all over North America and our Billet families will make a significant difference to our PONTIAC players who have left their families to pursue their goals and dreams. “Not everyone can be a Bonnyville PONTIAC and character is at the top of the list of the things that we look for in a player as an organization. These young men are committed and focused to bettering themselves as hockey players and human beings.”


During the day the players have a very structured schedule with daily practices, video sessions, off-ice skill development, team meetings, individual player meetings and physical conditioning. We have a “Work or School Policy” and during the week, their mornings can consist of work, school or team generated work-outs at our 10 am daily “check-in.” Their evenings will consist of involvement in the community by volunteering their time; 60 league games of which 30 are “on the road;” homework; or just enjoying some quite time alone with their billet families or teammates. Our players have an extremely structured and committed schedule throughout the year.


Billeting is a tremendous experience in which families can share in a young person’s goals and dreams and develop a lifelong connection. The rewards can be immeasurable. In fact, many families still keep in contact with their players as they move through the ranks of college and professional hockey as well as in their lives many years later.


Our billet families will receive remuneration in the amount of $400.00 per month per player and they will also receive regular season tickets for home games and invitations to team events. The PONTIACS are committed to having our Billet Families be an integral part of our PONTIACS Family in order to create a positive and memorable experience for everyone. “We want to involve our Billet Families in our player's lives to enhance the special and positive rewards and experiences created by hosting on or more of our great kids.”


Please contact our PONTIAC Billet Coordinator Candace VASSEUR at (780) 826-3564.



Charlene and Trevor RASK – Spencer FOO plus 1 additional PONTIAC (2 total)

Candace and Marcel VASSEUR – Jackson DUDLEY plus 2 additional PONTIACS (3 total)

Sharon ALBERS – Dan WEDMAN and Marc DUBEAU plus 1 additional PONTIAC (3 total)

Gene and Charla SOBOLEWSKI – 2 PONTIACS       

Mike and Kathie PASICHNUK – Steen PASINCHNUK, Luke MAHURA and Connor GARDEN (3 total)

Sue SWAN – Redford SWAN and Locke MULLER (2 total)

Thea and Jim CAREY – Dallas MORTENSEN        

John PARKER – Brady BAKKE     

Tamara and Jason CARPENTER – Sean MOSTROM             

Aaron and Jesse VADAZ – Christian NYPOWER       

Janet and Ray NORMAND – Tommy BARSCZC            

Tammy and Rick COSTARD – 1 PONTIAC

Mark and Shiloh CROTEAU – 1 PONTIAC

Dean and Roxanne PASHNIAK – 1 PONTIAC         

Require Billet Family – 1 PONTIAC         

Require Billet Family – 1 PONTIAC

Require Billet Family – 1 Athletic Therapist / Trainer