C-School with the PONTIACS Starts Today

Centennial School started today and the Bonnyville PONTIACS are once again excited to be a part of it.

“C-School” allows students throughout the Lakeland area to be involved in 'hands on learning' for all classroom curriculums for a four-day school week.“ The Pontiacs come in and they skate with the kids and help tie skates and they really interact with the kids. They come back to the classroom afterwards and the kids interview them and they give them their autographs. The kids keep it in their journals and they love it.”

Here is how the PONTIACS contribute through a letter of appreciation from last year's C-School.

“Just to pass on a positive message to your team.  I had a little girl’s whose mom had written me a note expressing concern over her daughter skating with the PONTIACS as I guess she had a tough go the previous year with not knowing how to skate and really didn't want to skate or even come to C-School at all today.  We convinced her to try and the PONTIAC players on the ice made a wonderful impression on her and by the end she gave him them a big hug.  Again, in the classroom, she interviewed your players and really enjoyed getting to know them.  She thanked me over and over today for such a wonderful day and really, the credit goes to the PONTIAC players.  I really appreciate all of the effort and hopefully the players know how meaningful their time is with the students. Thanks to every PONTIAC who takes time out of their day to make a genuine positive impact to these impressionable young children who walk away from their experiences with a feeling that brings tears to your eyes when seeing the smiles and happiness created.”