Don SYDORA Leaves a Lasting Legacy as President of the PONTIACS

Don SYDORA played a significant role in building and improving the Bonnyville PONTIACS during his twelve years with the organization (eleven as the President and Governor) and he left the franchise in a stronger position than when he started.

Head Coach and General Manager Rick SWAN says that “Don has always put the Bonnyville PONTIACS ahead of so many priorities, people and groups competing for his attention. He made major personal sacrifices for the PONTIACS and should be remembered for the tremendously positive impact that he had on the people within our organization. I think we have to take pride in the work that Don put in to raise the expectations by everyone involved as he elevated the Bonnyville PONTIACS reputation as one of the best Junior ‘A’ franchises in North America.”

If you were to ask Don he would say that as a President, he always wanted it to be about the kids playing the game in a Bonnyville PONTIAC uniform. “I certainly appreciate Don’s dedication and service to the Bonnyville PONTIACS. He is a great leader, a great person, a great mentor, and a great member of our community” says SWAN.  “Don is nothing but first class and he puts people first.” “I certainly appreciate what he has meant to the PONTIACS, our hockey program and the community. Above all, I appreciate our friendship.”

Don will remain as the team’s past president while new president and long-time Board member Jim MARTINEAU assumes Don’s position starting for the 2014/15 season.