Mascot Naming Contest: June 7th – July 31st, 2024

The Pontiacs are getting a Mascot!!! Let us know what you would like the new face of the franchise to be named and tell us your Mascots backstory! The winning Candidate will receive Gift Cards, tickets to the home opener, and more – all brought to you by Marci Smith from Century 21 & the Bonnyville Jr A Pontiacs!

Key Information:

  • Contest begins on June 4th, 2024 and will conclude on July 31st, 2024
  • Only names submitted in the below form will be considered as applicable names to win the above mentioned prize
  • The winning name will be selected based on # of entry’s for that name, mascot lore accompanying the name, and general fit for the Pontiacs franchise.
  • In the Likely event that there are multiple entries for the winning name, the winner will be decided based on the mascot lore with the name, and a randomizer as needed.
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Rules: You can enter as many times as you would like, but you must pick a different mascot name each time. Any duplicates from the same person will count as 1.
We need your name so we know who to congratulate and thank for coming up with such an awesome name and story!
We need your email so we can let you know when you win 🙂
What should we name the Pontiacs new mascot?
What is the story behind the name? What backstory should we add to the character along with the new name?