The Bonnyville PONTIACS are pleased to announce the results of its 2016 Annual General Meeting, held Tuesday, August 30th at the Bonnyville PONTIACS Office (C2 Centre) in Bonnyville, Alberta.

There was a large turn-out for the AGM and Jim MARTINEAU was acclaimed to return as the organization’s President, marking his third year in the position and his sixteenth on the Board of Directors.

Steve WOJCIK returns to his executive position as Vice-President. 

Gene SOBOLEWSKI, Stacey MIKOLAJCZYK and Ron RUSNAK returned to their positions as Directors, while Candace VASSEUR, Marc CROTEAU, Bren ALTON were re-elected and Cara CAMPEAU, Sharon ALBERS, Doug MOISEY and Paul GUITARD were elected as new Directors-at-Large.

Jim MARTINEAU will continue to serve as the PONTIACS Governor at the AJHL level, with Gene SOBOLEWSKI and Steve WOJCIK remain as the team’s Alternate Governors.

As a staff we are ensuring that our financial ‘bottom line’ remains a priority which includes controlling all club finances and expenditures and turning over 'every stone' to ensure that we minimize the impact of this difficult economic period in Alberta and on all Junior 'A' organizations. 

The incredible volunteer assistance that the PONTIACS have is so appreciated and has greatly allows us to focus on the 25 players that live and ‘give back’ to our community while they play for the Bonnyville PONTIACS.

Organization Growth Plan for the Future

We are looking at the Board level, Staff level, Volunteer level, Recruiting level and Coaching level to ensure that we are ‘taking an honest look’ at all aspects of ‘what we do and at the same time recognizing ‘the good’ that is being done in the PONTIACS organization while evaluating what things we can improve in order to grow in the right direction as an organization.

The Organizational Plan for the next four years will be about positive growth with the focus of collectively becoming better and more effective with our: 
– Communication / Clarity/Listening Skills.
– Reinforcing our Culture and the way we want do things in our organization and the way we treat each other. “Doing it Right is an All the Thing.”
– Positive Feedback – recognizing and reinforcing the ‘good things’ that occur in our organization each and every single day.
– Connecting with everyone associated to the Bonnyville PONTIACS Organization: volunteers, sponsors and fans.