It is important to realize that bullying is growing beyond the classroom and that it happens at home both within the family and in other ways. With more and more emphasis on social media in our daily lives, cyber bullying has become an increasingly harmful new social platform for children to navigate.

It is also important to teach our children to be respectful of their peers, adults in their lives and of themselves. Teaching lessons about respecting those who are similar to us as well as those who are different gives children a toolbox of social skills they can draw on for the rest of their lives.

The Bonnyville Pontiacs have been delivering anti-bullying presentations to schools in the Lakeland area. “Its so important that you do your best to make sure bullying doesn’t happen. Bullying, for any reason, is wrong and bullying has no place in our schools or our homes where children should feel safe and protected” says 3rd year defensemen Redford SWAN.

Thanks to the sponsorship of Canadian Natural Resources Limited the Bonnyville PONTIACS are able to talk with elementary students in the Lakeland area to help educate children about the effects of bullying and provide them with valuable skills to help prevent it.