PONTIACS Announce An Organizational Restructure

The Bonnyville Junior 'A' Pontiacs previously announced a leadership reorganization under which the Board of Directors released Associate Coach and Assistant General Manager Larry DRAPER and Director of Player Personnel Jeff TETZ from their roles due to budget constraints and to allow for position reformation with the hiring of Director of Business Operations Robb HUNTER and to allow Head Coach and General Manager Rick SWAN to focus on Hockey Operations.

The Board and the Bonnyville PONTIACS organization would like to thank Larry and Jeff for their incredible contributions to the Bonnyville PONTIACS Organization and community.

“Both Larry and Jeff are people who have made a positive impact in our game and in the Bonnyville PONTIACS organization, says Rick SWAN. Their servant leadership philosophy is geared towards the well-being of the youth that they have influence over. This goes way beyond the hockey arena. They are both innovative and take pride in being “everyday learners,” constantly seeking ways to create positive growth experiences for everyone around them. The high standards that both Larry and Jeff set for themselves is done by demonstrating a conviction of “doing everything to the best of their ability.” Because of this Larry and Jeff raise the level of everyone around them. They both should feel extremely proud of what they built and are leaving the PONTIAC organization in a better place than when they arrived. The success we have as a team moving forward will have their fingerprints all over it.”

Effective immediately, Assistant Coach Neil LANGRIDGE will also take on the role of Assistant General Manager and Dean MOISAN will assume the role of Director of Player Personnel and CJHL Transactions.

Chad NELSON is promoted to Director of Scouting and Recruiting joining Jason WIWAD who is also our Personal Development and Life Skills Coach.

Ryan DUTKA and David LYNES join the Bonnyville PONTIACS Scouting and Recruiting Staff.