PONTIACS at A and W and Senior Snow Shovel Today

Stephen KLEIN, Kyler HEHN, Josh ERICKSON and Dallas MORTENSEN were at A and W this morning helping out to serve coffee to the customers who are Bonnyville PONTIAC fans. 

Redford SWAN, Locke MULLER, Ryan BLACK, Braiden DOUCETTE, Mitch FRITZ, Mark ZVONKOVIC, Alex SMITH, Dan WEDMAN and ¬†Mike IOVANNA “manned their snow shovels” and headed out in the community to clean drive-ways and walks for our seniors.

Shelby KOSTYSHEN and Stephen KLEIN left our daily morning check-in to help hang Christmas lights for a Bonnyville resident.

Great day guys and as always, thank you very much for your commitment to the Bonnyville community.