PONTIACS Take CNR Respect: It’s the Name of our Game to Duclos School

GAWLICKI, BRYSHUN, DONALD, NEILSEN and BIGSBY teach Duclos School Students 'How to Take a Stand Against People Who Bully.'

The PONTIACS were at Duclos School today to talk to students about taking a stand against bullying.

So far this year the Bonnyville PONTIACS players have spoken to over 750 students in the Lakeland area this year about the effects of bullying and the importance of treating others with respect. CNR is the proud sponsor of the PONTIACS “Respect – It's the Name of our Game” program delivered to students in the Lakeland area.

Lakeland students are provided with important life lessons about respect and the consequences surrounding the issues of bullying in schools. Ways to deal with a bully are also discussed along with great visual demonstrations to help 'stand up' and let them know that violence is unacceptable.

Thanks to CNR, the PONTIAC players will use their positive influence to speak to more than 1200 students and spread the “Golden Rule” each year.