PONTIACS Take the Pledge to Put an End to Violence Against Women

Thank you very much to the Columbus House of Hope for providing the Bonnyville PONTIACS players a presentation on Family Violence Leadership.

As part of the “White Ribbon Campaign” the PONTIACS players and staff all signed and made a pledge to “put an end to violence against women” by understanding the role the players, as role models in the community can play, to stop family violence and what things they can do to empower others to stand up against domestic abuse.”

“Speak up, listen, have a voice, be a leader, don't be a by-stander, remember the 'Golden Rule,' give advice and provide support.”

There is zero tolerance for violence in our society and the PONTIACS  players have a responsibility of leadership, that comes with being an athlete that youth in the community look up to, as well as with the abundant benefits that position brings.

Junior hockey players, as role models, can positively connect with today's youth and show them how being an athlete encompasses more than just being good at hockey. Their actions can have a profound effect on impressionable youth and the PONTIACS are proud to support and work with the St. Paul Columbus House of Hope to provide awareness to end violence against women in our society.

With the PONTIACS, we encourage our players to learn and embrace collaboration and sacrifice for one another in pursuit of the ‘bigger picture’ in sports and life. In a team setting, we encourage all of our players to choose and become solid role models in the community and to get involved in helping and serving others – to learn and embrace accountability, teamwork, selflessness, respect, cooperation and sacrifice in pursuit of a 'larger perspective’ in life.