PONTIACS – Thank You 4 Wing Cold Lake

On January 21st the PONTIACS were provided an incredible tour of the Cold Lake 4 Wing Base. The fascinating tour consisted of the F18 Fighter Pilot Training Requirements; the Air Radar and Weapon Control Demands and the F18 Weapon and Maintenance.

In a time in our lives when it is sometimes easy to under estimate the incredibly positive impact that someone can have on a group of impressionable young men, the soldiers of the Cold Lake 4 Wing, who graciously provided their time to the PONTIACS, 'scored big time' with our players.

A huge thank you to Mrs. Rhonda Ireland and Chief Warrant Officer VEAL for inviting us as guests and much appreciation to the outstanding soldiers who took time to provide information about the amazing job that they do each and every single day. 

We live in a great country where freedom is enjoyed by all thanks to the brave men and women of the military and our 4 Wing Cold Lake showed us that Canada is “Home of the Free Because of the Brave.”