RESPECT Lives Here! CNRL and the PONTIACS team up to stand up against bullying!

The Bonnyville PONTIACS were at H.E. BOURGOIN School talking to students from their four grade 6 classes about the important issues of Respect and understanding the effects of bullying in our society. The presentations are sponsored by CNRL and are geared towards impressionable young boys and girls using the influence of our community's role models to talk about the importance of respect and treating others the way in which we all wish to be treated.

During the next two months, with CNRL's generous support, the PONTIACS plan to make contact with between 750 to 1000 students in the Lakeland area to relay important messages relating to physical, verbal and cyber bullying.

“On behalf of the teachers of the grade 6 students I would like to say thank you for being at H.E. Bourgoin. We all really enjoyed it and these kids sure look up to the PONTIACS. The presentation was fantastic, well-organized, detailed, with purpose and still had room for the students to ask some burning questions.”

Thank you PONTIACS for your commitment to 'making a difference' to our community and to Cory SANTORO, Mitch FRITZ, Troy TROMBLEY, Bobby McMANN, Evan WARMINGTON, Alden DUPUIS and Adam WILSON for your valued mentorship.