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Top Prospects Camp

This year the Bonnyville Junior ‘A’ PONTIACS are holding our 2017 Top Prospects Camp on May 26th to 28th at the Bonnyville Centennial Centre / R.J. LaLonde Arena.

As an organization we pride ourselves in running a purposeful camp with top identified prospects and we are limiting our invite numbers to provide for a more competitive and meaningful evaluation environment. We are one of the very few teams in the Alberta Junior Hockey League that have our veteran players participate in our camp which allows us to appropriately gauge where we believe each player will be when our Main Roster Camp begins in August of 2017.

Each of our teams at our Top Prospects Camp will receive a minimum of four ice sessions that will consist of games. We will also have a goaltender session on Saturday. We think it is important for us to keep the number of players in our camp low to add to the competitive level of the games which will ultimately create a positive step in your development. On Sunday we will set the schedule up with ample time to spend with each player to give meaningful feedback on their performance from the camp. We believe that as an organization it is our obligation to ensure that we provide the players attending, our personal thoughts on their individual performance throughout the weekend.

As an organization we take great pride in maintaining high standards and expectations on and off the ice for every member of our hockey club, from the coaching staff down to our players. The Bonnyville PONTIACS focus on being an integral part of the Lakeland community by providing a professional and valued environment both on and off the ice.

We work extremely hard every day to be one of the leading Junior ‘A’ hockey franchises in the country and we strive to do our best to provide the education, the structure and the means necessary to advance our players to the next level.

Our program is based on character, high expectations, striving for excellence and being dedicated to ‘getting better every single day’ where we take immense pride in assisting our players achieve their personal goals, be it College hockey, Major Junior or the NHL. The Bonnyville PONTIACS also has a very rich tradition of developing young adults into conscientious and responsible citizens and we want to add to the quality of life to our players through positive direction to create a memorable experience. We want our players to eventually move on from the Bonnyville PONTIACS program well prepared for opportunities in hockey, school, work and life.

Off the ice, education is given a very high priority and our players will be expected to be as dedicated in this area as they are on the ice. If the players are not attending school they must work or be involved in volunteer initiatives in community. In a community that supports us so strongly, we have a responsibility in being positive role models to the people in the Lakeland area.

Over the past four seasons committed players with the Bonnyville PONTIACS are:

• Derek BROWN to Arizona State University (Independent – Division 1)
• Jake GRESH to University of Alaska Fairbanks (WCHA - Division 1)
• Alden DUPUIS to R.I.T. (Hockey Atlantic - Division 1)
• Brinson PASICHNUK to Arizona State University (Independent - Division 1)
• Steenn PASICHNUK to Arizona State University (Independent - Division 1)
• Bobby McMANN to Colgate University (E.C.A.C. - Division 1)
• Dan WEDMAN to the Cornell BIG RED (E.C.A.C. - Division 1)
• Spencer FOO to Union DUTCHMEN (E.C.A.C. - Division 1)
• Ryan BLACK to Northern Michigan WILDCATS (W.C.H.A. - Division 1)
• Braiden DOUCETTE to the University of Calgary (C.I.S.)
• Mike IOVANNA to U Mass Amherst MINUTEMEN (Hockey East - Division 1)
• Jackson DUDLEY to American International (Hockey Atlantic - Division 1)
• Max GOTTLIEB to Brown BEARS (E.C.A.C. - Division 1)
• Bryan GERSTENFELD to Army (Hockey Atlantic - Division 1)
• Sean MOSTROM to Denver PIONEERS (N.C.H.C. - Division 1)
• Marc DUBEAU to American International (Hockey Atlantic - Division 1)
• Alex SMITH to Michigan Tech. University (W.C.H.A. - Division 1)
• Mitch FRITZ to Saint John’s University (M.I.A.C. - Division 3)
• Ben MACK to Wisconsin-Superior (U.M.A.C. - Division 3)
• Josh ERIKSON to SUNY Canton (U.S.A.C.C. - Division 3)
• Stephen KLEIN to Middlebury College PANTHERS (N.E.S.C.A.C. - Division 3)
• Dillan McCOMBIE to University of Regina (C.I.S.)
• Braiden DOUCETTE to the University of Calgary (C.I.S.)
• Thomas KOHLER to the University of Guelph (C.I.S.)
• Redford SWAN to N.A.I.T. OOKS / Grant McEwan Griffins (A.C.A.C.)
• Locke MULLER to N.A.I.T. OOKS (A.C.A.C.)
• Olivier CHAREST to S.A.I.T. (A.C.A.C.)
• Shelby KOSTYSHEN to Grant McEwan Griffins (A.C.A.C.)
• Luke MAHURA to N.A.I.T. (A.C.A.C.)
• Tommy BARSZCZ to Keyano College (A.C.A.C.)
• Cody FIALA to University of Alberta Augustana (A.C.A.C.)
• Evan WARMINGTON to University of Alberta Augustana (A.C.A.C.)
• Brady BAKKE and Chad HURTUBISE to Concordia College University (A.C.A.C.)
• Troy TROMBLEY and Tyler PODGORENKO to Red Deer College (A.C.A.C.)

Last season we had two players (Brinson PASICHNUK and Bobby McMANN) who represented Team Canada West at the World Junior ‘A’ Challenge winning a gold medal. Brinson PASICHNUK was also an N.H.L. watch list player for last year’s draft. This season our coaching staff represented Team Canada West at the World Junior ‘A’ Challenge as well as Team West at the C.J.H.L. Top Prospects Game organized by the N.H.L. Central Scouting.


Our coaching philosophy is “athlete and person centered.” Our coaches Rick, Larry, Mark, Craig, Neil and Kelly are all approachable communicators who build a team for play-offs where depth is critical for success (4 lines - 6 defensemen). All of our players “play” to ensure that we fulfill our obligation to improve them as athletes and as people.

At the rink, players are expected to continue learning the fundamentals and team structure of the game with a philosophy on player development. Video is prepared  daily to teach both team learning and individual learning. The PONTIACS use Game Breaker Sports Coding, the most advanced sports video editing system.

It is our mission to give our players everything that they need to be the very best  that they can be. This includes our 45 million dollar community facility, dressing room, training room, player lounge, video equipment, Wellness Center, staff and  practice structure. If a player wants to improve and takes full advantage of “their program” that our organization offers, the ‘sky is the limit’ on what they will take away from being a PONTIAC both as a player and as a person.   

Our coaching staff has extensive experience in player development (Skills Academy and Summer Specific Programs). Billy MOORES of the Edmonton Oilers N.H.L. serves as Coach Mentor and they are involved with Hockey Alberta’s Program of Excellence. The PONTIACS have a unique practice structure with “Position Specific” work every day in order to incorporate “efficient repetitions” essential for player proficiency as the speed, tempo and pace of the game increases at the Junior ‘A’ and College levels.

Our Director of Player Personnel (Jeff TETZ) has an impressive hockey background coaching which includes the Alberta Junior Hockey League with the Okotoks Oilers and the Fort Saskatchewan Traders.

Our Athletic Therapist / Trainer / Equipment Manager Karyn FANSTONE is a Certified Athletic Therapist. She has a tremendous amount of experience and is considered the ‘best of the best’ at the Junior ‘A’ hockey level.

Our Scouting/Recruiting Staff are some of the best people (hockey and life) in Canada.

Our staff have coached professional players in the past like Dion PHANEUF, Jamie MCLENNEN, Joe MORROW, Duncan SEIMENS, Jason CHIMERA, Aaron IRVING, Taylor FEDUN, Brent BILIDEAU, Brad ZAVISHA, James BLACK, Mitch HOLMBERG, Matthew TOMKINS, Josh ATKINSON, Paxton SHULTE, Spencer FOO, Ty RIMMER and Bryce Van BRABANT plus dozens of college players - N.C.A.A. Division 1 and Canadian C.I.S. and College. Spencer FOO attended the Calgary FLAMES Development Camp this past summer (San Jose SHARKS in 2015) and Brinson PASICHNUK attended Minnesota WILD’s NHL Development Camp. Brinson was ranked 115th over-all with the N.H.L. Central Scouting.

Thank-you for considering the Bonnyville Pontiacs organization and if you have any questions please contact Associate Coach Larry DRAPER. Coach DRAPER can send you out the information required for our camp registration by contacting him.

We look forward to seeing you at registration at the start of our Top Prospects Camp.

Asst. General Manager/Associate Coach

(780) 826-2893 # 3

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