Thanks Riley, Luke and Zach

Pontiacs having a blast today at “C-School.”

The Bonnyville C-School provides hands on learning for all classroom curriculums for a four-day school week. The Pontiacs play a huge role in the skating lessons in C-School. C-School presents students in the Bonnyville-Cold Lake Lakeland Area with the exciting opportunity of using the (C2) building to compliment and enhance their educational Experiential Learning experiences. On a weekly basis, classes come to the C2, with the C-School educator, and use the amenities creating authentic real-world experiences that target Alberta Education inclusive curricular outcomes.

C-School gives teachers in the Lakeland Area the opportunity to move their classroom into an exciting and creative learning community site for an entire 4-day week (Monday-Thursday or Tuesday-Friday). Throughout the time spent at C2, there will be a strong Experiential emphasis on active observation, writing, drawing skills and reflective team-building leadership skills. C-School gives students a very active week of hands-on, multi-sensory learning that will help them connect curriculum to the real world.

“The Pontiacs come in and they skate with the kids and help tie skates and they really interact with the kids. “Afterwards they come back to the classroom and the kids interview them and they give them their autographs and 'make a day.' The kids keep it in their journals and they love it. They look forward to meeting the PONTIACS all year.”