Child Sexual Abuse Safety and Education – Who Do You Tell Program

Hi Good Morning Rick,

I just want to say, that it was truly an honor for me and Cheryl to have had the opportunity of delivering our presentation on 'Digital Media Warnings, Consent and Sexual Assault Awareness' to you and the Bonnyville PONTIACS players last week.  We are looking forward to partnering with the Bonnyville PONTIACS players this month to deliver the “Who Do You Tell” program to the youth in our local schools in Bonnyville.

Thanks again.

Gaby Rivard
Education Coordinator – Dragonfly Counselling and Support Center. Sexual Assault Services.

The Bonnyville PONTIACS will be part of the “Who Do You Tell” presentations provided to grade schools in the Lakeland area. The program focuses on 'Child Sexual Abuse Safety and Education,' vital for the health and safety of every community because every person has a role to play in keeping our children safe.

Assisting the Dragonfly Counselling and Support Center, the PONTIAC players will help present safety information to youth to provide them with the knowledge and tools to recognize abuse and tell an adult if something were to happen to them.

The “Who Do You Tell” program has been reviewed and gone through best practices and has been found to be an effective program in helping to reduce the risk of child sexual abuse and its effect on victims and families.