WEDMAN Named Evolution Scholarship Hockey Award Award

Dan WEDMAN is named as the recipient of the Alberta Junior Hockey League’s Evolution Hockey Scholarship for Perseverance and Dedication. The Evolution Hockey Scholarship is awarded to a lone AJHL player who possesses team and individual leadership, has a high degree of community contributions and has persevered through difficult times within the game of hockey or outside the game.

“With the PONTIACS, we promote our players to learn and embrace collaboration and sacrifice for one another in pursuit of the ‘bigger picture’ in sports and life. In our team setting, we encourage all of our players to choose and become solid role models and to get involved in helping others – to learn and welcome accountability, teamwork, and sacrifice in pursuit of a ‘larger perspective’ in life.”

Head Coach and General Manager Rick SWAN says that “our players are involved in the community more than anyone else because our philosophy is that player development involves more than just hockey. We attempt to put all of our players in the best situations possible to develop the best character attributes to reinforce their development as a person. Dan WEDMAN’s exceptional family upbringing allowed him to thrive in our culture of giving back and the recognition he received with being selected as the AJHL Evolution Hockey Scholarship winner is a testament to his decorum.

“On a high performing team you can’t underestimate the power of a great leader and with Dan he is an individual that helps unify a group of 24 young men from different backgrounds and experiences to believe in a common goal together. As a player and as a person Dan is a person that is fully accountable for all of his actions and he understands that leadership involves making decisions in the best interests of those around him.”

Dan is a tireless worker off the ice through his approach to his school as well as volunteering in the community. Dan is an honor student and his S.A.T. scores are considered elite.

Dan has committed to Cornell University for the 2014/15 season.

We would like to congratulate Dan and his family for receiving this honor. The Bonnyville PONTIACS organization, our great fans and our supportive sponsors are tremendously proud of Dan WEDMAN’s accomplishment with Evolution Hockey and we wish Dan an amazing NCAA career in both academics and athletics.